CATI stands for ‘Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing’, which acts as market research that completely relies on a computer screen to set up a questionnaire. The interviewer reads these sets of questions before the respondents who answer those questions. AI and automation are becoming usual in most of the verticals. It plays a major role in data collection agencies. Phone survey software or CATI in market research companies are much-needed in the process
Attracting new customers is the hardest part of any business but what is more challenging is retaining those customers for a longer run. Providing good customer service is not enough to maintain a strong relationship with potential customers. So, how small businesses or start-ups can plan to gain customer loyalty? Customer loyalty is the customer’s willingness to repeatedly buy products or use the service of any company they had a good experience
The second wave of the pandemic has left the country in a state of ultimate panic and utter chaos. Businesses are constantly searching for new ways to tackle and survive the second wave.But the good news is, whilst the resurgence of Covid has dented, it has not debilitated the industry The shift from a traditional- transactional to a modern- consumer-centric approach opted by various businesses after the first wave seems to be
Marketing is all about conversions and leads. And this is the only reason most marketers lose their prospects. Focusing more on leads sometimes results in ignorance of establishing long-term relationships with customers. So how are you sure your interest and your consumer interest are the same? Different persons required different solutions for similar problems. Understanding these segments helps you to know exactly what your customers want for effective lead generation. So how
The covid-19 pandemic has put countries on the edge of an economic downturn. So, in response to this, the approach and priorities of customers have been changed. And the brands are re-evaluating and making changes in their marketing strategies. Marketing can be costly for businesses if you do not know the return. If you are dealing with the same kind of situation, this blog is a must-read. Don’t you think it would
Being a diverse organization means you should employ people with various demographics. For every business, it is essential to achieve a broader perspective in their hiring process. According to research, 57% of employees want to see their organizations increase diversity. So, what’s the major challenge? Measuring employee diversity is a very sensitive topic that must be handled properly. Many companies are turning to 3rd party market research agencies to conduct diversity surveys.
Customer experience is the main objective of any business. For your business, creating a great customer experience is far more than just customer service. You have to get into the shoes of your customers to know exactly their needs and wants to build longer-term relationships. Many companies track the performance of their products and services. It is an easy way to monitor customer retention, growth of your products or services. The quantitative
The global pandemic COVID-19 has brought challenges for every business.  To remain operational in this unprecedented time, organizations have to shift from offline to online mode. This situation is dire for the market researcher industry also. With more than ever demand for insights about change in consumer buying patterns, the market research industry has no option but to pull up their socks and remain calm, efficient, and authentic in this global crisis.
As the world is facing drastic lifestyle changes due to the pandemic COVID-19, so is the change in the behavior of the consumers and the organizations are being witnessed globally. Brands need to adapt and devise strategies to remain relevant during and after the crisis.   According to research conducted by Economic Times recently, brands that spend on marketing during the crisis are more likely to increase their sales and profit share
NPS or Net Promoter Score is a management tool that is used to measure the customer experience of your brand. The scores of the NPS survey collect both qualitative and quantitative feedback and gauge the loyalty of your customers towards your brand. The respondents give a rating from 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest score and based on the scores, they are divided into three categories: