Remember the time when the food you ordered online was delivered before time or when the cab you booked arrived long after your booking time? Your mind will be quick to recall the good and the bad experiences forged by the products/services offered by any organization. A good experience will go a long way in forming a trustworthy and loyal bond whereas a bad experience will entail leading your target audience right
Do you have any trouble recognizing the Red N of Netflix or Nike’s Swish logo? The green mermaid with crown and your brain immediately screams Starbucks. The reason is that these Brands have created a strong distinct identity over the years that has connected with their consumers, strategically set them apart from the competitors and built a loyal customer base. Whether it’s a start-up or a niche brand, any service/product oriented organization
There is absolutely no doubt that Data is an indestructible tool and it’s hard to argue with the cold statistics. But how do we leverage that? How do we engage our audience with the help of graphs, complicated numbers and diagrams? How do we make the data resources accessible in a ready to decipher format? Simple, by weaving Data into Narratives .Narratives that reflect what you stand for and your core values,
It wasn’t until Amazon launched its Associate Program in 1996 that affiliate marketing was open to the general public. The program allowed people to sign up to be able to offer links on their website and as a result of sharing the links to Amazon’s products, the user was paid a small amount of money in return for referring new customers. Since then affiliate marketing platforms have grown leaps and bound and
Enough has been said about how important data is and how sampling is the key to gather resourceful insights from the whirlwind of information. It’s Now the time to address why you should invest in quality sampling and how you will reap benefits from the results in due time! Recruiting authentic panelists is the key which unlocks many questions and addresses the issues and streamlining insights from these panelist helps leverage the
Survey Panelists are the backbone of market research industry and the stronger the backbone , the more support and cushion it provides .Despite having the means and knowledge of that little nugget , we do a poor job of putting our panelist first. As important as the respondents are , it is extremely important to engage them on a regular basis. They take out their valuable time for filling the surveys  and
Now that we have driven home the point about how data is major contributor in driving strategic business decisions, it’s time to understand how to access this authentic and quality data in the whirlpool of information. Read on to find out about sampling and how it is the key to gather insightful data. What is a sample?  A sample is a representative of population which is used to generalize the findings from
What is Data? It is collection of facts, opinions and observations expressed in the form of numbers. What is Data Collection? It is systematic gathering and measurement of these interests from authentic and reliable sources. Why is Data collection important? Because it provides real time insight about your existing customers, the potential ones, current market trends and a lot more so that the business management can leverage this and formulate a strategy.