Helping you with the Big B of Brand Identity

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Do you have any trouble recognizing the Red N of Netflix or Nike’s Swish logo? The green mermaid with crown and your brain immediately screams Starbucks. The reason is that these Brands have created a strong distinct identity over the years that has connected with their consumers, strategically set them apart from the competitors and […]

Data Collecton

Weaving Stories with Data

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There is absolutely no doubt that Data is an indestructible tool and it’s hard to argue with the cold statistics. But how do we leverage that? How do we engage our audience with the help of graphs, complicated numbers and diagrams? How do we make the data resources accessible in a ready to decipher format? […]

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing – To Do or Not to Do

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It wasn’t until Amazon launched its Associate Program in 1996 that affiliate marketing was open to the general public. The program allowed people to sign up to be able to offer links on their website and as a result of sharing the links to Amazon’s products, the user was paid a small amount of money […]