In previous articles, we established how enhancing customer experience leads to increased customer retention, higher customer satisfaction, increased revenues, and reduced customer churn. This is a universal fact and every business in the world stands by it. Still, some companies record more growth than the rest. The primary reason being they have learned to implement simple saying, ‘It’s not what you say, it’s how you are saying it’. A study run by
At the time when the customers have multiple of options to choose from, how do the marketers make their brand stand out? How do they ensure their target audience not only prefers buying their product/service but also recommend it to their friends and family?  How do they stay relevant in this competitive market at the same time ensuring the quality and authenticity are not compromised? The trick is simple –by working around
As marketers or business owners, our main aim is to stay ahead of the competition by deploying innovative strategies and tools. But have we ever stopped and looked around at the tools already in hand and best utilized them for driving our growth? The case in point here is affiliate marketing. Amazon with its Associate Program, launched in 1996, opened doors to this performance- based marketing model wherein the merchant (seller or
If you are from the market research industry, chances are high that you may have dealt with various fraudulent activities that take place. The tools and technologies that are used to make our industry effective and efficient are also making easier for the scheming activities to happen. But how do we recognize the problem? What measures can we take to mitigate such deceitful behavior? Read on to find out. What the big
Long gone is the time when surveys were just done as a formality to collect feedback from the audience. Now the feedback shared is carefully analyzed and forms the backbone for the important business decisions. The data is a powerful tool and many organizations have come to rely on it to get an insight into their target customers, process the results and drive their business accordingly. But how do we get the
If you don’t give a damn about your employees, be prepared to bid them goodbye. They say, “Keep your employees happy so that they don’t use your Wi-Fi to search for the next job” and we agree. Only attracting top talent from the market isn’t enough. The extra hard work goes in retaining the talent. How your employees feel about the company, your audience feels about the product/services you offer and hence
In the market research industry, panelists are the key to derive authentic data. They give their valuable time in completing the surveys and for that, they demand our utmost respect and gratitude. One way of showing that is keeping them constantly engaged to ensure a positive experience. But how do we engage such a diverse panel? Read on to find out.   1) Keep it short and simple, silly: According to a study
Remember the time when the food you ordered online was delivered before time or when the cab you booked arrived long after your booking time? Your mind will be quick to recall the good and the bad experiences forged by the products/services offered by any organization. A good experience will go a long way in forming a trustworthy and loyal bond whereas a bad experience will entail leading your target audience right
Do you have any trouble recognizing the Red N of Netflix or Nike’s Swish logo? The green mermaid with crown and your brain immediately screams Starbucks. The reason is that these Brands have created a strong distinct identity over the years that has connected with their consumers, strategically set them apart from the competitors and built a loyal customer base. Whether it’s a start-up or a niche brand, any service/product oriented organization
There is absolutely no doubt that Data is an indestructible tool and it’s hard to argue with the cold statistics. But how do we leverage that? How do we engage our audience with the help of graphs, complicated numbers and diagrams? How do we make the data resources accessible in a ready to decipher format? Simple, by weaving Data into Narratives .Narratives that reflect what you stand for and your core values,