We have often heard that companies are failing in the process of rebranding. What do you think? Does rebranding result in loss and failure? But before that let’s understand what Rebranding is.
Rebranding is a process to bring about changes in the corporate image of an organisation. The idea behind it is very simple; Create a different identity for a brand from its competitors in the market. Among several reasons, the most common and prominent reasons is to connect with existing customers and attract new ones. Decidedly, one of the most important decisions a company will ever make. It demands internal reflection and a level of self-awareness. The factors we observed for the failure in rebranding are:

Fails to do sufficient research

Before changing anything about your brand, one must do complete research on every aspect. If the research is done right, a rebrand can breathe a new life into business, sparking growth and a wave of customer enthusiasm.
Rebranding for the sake of attention Rebranding can be a good marketing stunt. But the trade-off is, people who haven’t used your products, may develop negativity toward your brand. This is more likely to happen if your new brand is totally different from your current market position.

Too much focus on logo and story behind

Logos are essential, but a successful rebrand is more than just the logo. One can miss the mark if they put all their rebranding efforts into just the logo. It is important, but the rationale behind the initiative and the outcome is most important.
Renaming the brand Renaming the brand can cost you brand recognition and branded search traffic if done wrongly. Naming is an art form. It is a medium to convey your brand story reason behind the change and how it benefits audiences.
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