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How to Design a Survey that Yields Legitimate Results


The fact is if you want to know what others think, go and ask them. In marketing circles, this usually leads to surveying customers to determine what’s going on in the world. Companies use surveys for several reasons, to identify customer satisfaction, in deciding how to launch new products, to conduct new research, etc.

But designing surveys is a little bit complicated than just deciding what the company wants to know. If you want your survey’s success, then you must ask the right questions. So, if you are planning to design some surveys, we are sharing with you some critical steps.

Decide How You’ll Use the Data-

The clear idea that strikes is, how you’ll ultimately use the data you gather from your survey to developing your initial survey draft. The structure of questions should depend on what kind of information you want. You must focus on 3 main things-

  • Consider Question Formatting
  • Consider Consistency
  • Consider Respondents’ Demographic Information

Draft an Initial Outline & Get Early Buy-In-

Surveys are generally launched to know internal change initiatives, for instance, to measure customers’ opinions about companies’ new products or pricing changes. One of the best strategies is to draft your initial questions, share them with key stakeholders with the date when you need them to sign off.

Write Statistically Valid Questions-

Once you are done with the signoff of the direction of your survey, it’s time to draft survey questions. You must keep in mind that you have to be very careful about the design and the structure of survey questions. Write statistically valid questions which do not lead to automatic responses.

Structural Mistakes in Survey Design to Avoid-

  • Avoid Leading Questions
  • Prevent Assumptive Closes
  • Do not Imply Answers
  • Pay Attention to Scale
  • Clarify Your Language and many more.

Surveys are very important to know customer needs, wants, and opinions. If your companies want to design surveys, then our Market Research Agencies will help you gather your desired results and data.

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