Market researchers understand that the happiness and involvement of panelists are crucial to their success. To increase engagement, it's important to have fresh and exciting market research panel recruitment incentive programs. The right rewards and incentives, technology, and team of experts can help guarantee quality engagement and increase panelist happiness. This ABC approach involves:

  • Accessible Experts: Research digital reward vendors, incentive program experts, and loyalty service providers that offer panel recruitment specific solutions, analytics, micro services, reward management technology, support, and consulting services. Find a one-stop solution that supports your market research panel recruitment incentive programs.
  • Better Rewards and Incentives: Choose exciting rewards that are on trend, cost-effective, and appropriate for your demographic. Different rewards will work for various programs, so it's important to pick the right rewards that will work for your program and use reward management software to support it.
  • Customizable Technology Options: recommends using a panel engagement reward management platform that is customizable and has features such as single point integration, complex event processing, PCI level security, scalable proofing systems, reporting, and analytics.

All Digital Rewards offers a fully customized web-based solution with their ResearchSTACK™ technology, which provides data insights for your market research panel recruitment incentive program. It features PCI level security, scalable proofing systems, advanced reporting, analytics, and rewards for redemption and sweepstakes prize fulfilment. The reward management modules support panel recruitment, referral, retention, and loyalty engagement marketing initiatives, making it easy to reward your participants for participating in your market research surveys.