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Role of Research and Insights during Pandemic

The pandemic COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges across the globe. Due to this, the change in consumer behavior and attitudes is natural. In these situations, it is difficult for many consumer-driven organizations to stay close to their customers while navigating the global crisis. The researchers play a vital role in helping businesses to deal with these situations and to prepare for the rebound. With the technology and online tools available, social distancing is not a barrier to online data collection and providing insights to make better business decisions. This process would enable customer support in the right way and also allow the organizations to make decisions based on evidence and not on the assumptions. Read on to find out how research and customer insights play a crucial role in revising business strategies due to the Covid-19 outbreak.


  • Every organization should be aware of the effects of the pandemic on the customers and how they are responding to it. Online surveys will help in finding the answers to questions that might not automatically occur to people. Their social media activities can provide insights about their changing buying behavior and trends.


  • The change in customer behavior for a particular category and their expectations from the brand can also be deduced via online research. Since everyone is switching to online mode to get access to basic facilities, this has lead to a surge in the online traffic. This is the time to know the needs of your customers and adjust the offers on your consumer goods/services according to resources available to meet their practical and emotional needs



  • The pandemic has brought an opportunity for innovation in business. Developing emotional connect with customers will be helpful for your brand to survive the crisis.


  • Calibrating the responses of past data and the current situation and observing how the responses have changed will provide valuable insights which you should take into account and formulate strategies to not only survive but thrive in this crisis.


Solugo’s agile and effective sampling solutions provide the insights of the sample based on the evidence and not assumption which helps the organizations to understand the implications of pandemic and help them make the right decision.



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